1. Bronze plaque commissioned by HBO commemorating six firefighters from Firehouse 10 in downtown New York City who perished in the adjacent Twin Towers attacks on 9/11.The plaque is featured on the outside wall of  the firehouse

2.Cast iron doorstop sculpture of Grady sisters from the movie  The Shining

3. Bronze sculpture of North Korean leader Kim Jong Il

4. Bonded bronze sculpture of Bernie Madoff piggy bank -- your money goes in but it doesn't come out. It has an inoperable fake plug which states "Madoff in the USA". This piggy bank sold in a limited edition online at the height of the Madoff financial scandal.with the tagline "the gift that keeps on taking". Also shown is an article that appeared in The New York Post after which  Palmer was interviewed on Fox and Friends.The bank was shipped with a $50,000,000,000.00  bill inserted in  Bernie Madoff's head